Versatile Blogger Award

I don’t tend to have that high of an opinion of my blog, and I tend to forget that people actually read it. So I was utterly, utterly surprised (and fantastically elated) when I checked my email yesterday and found An Actual Comment had been posted on my blog.


Now receiving comments on my blog is not that unusual, what is unusual is that the comment is an actual comment, and not spam!!


When I read the comment I was even more surprised to discover that Louise (TEFL and Louise) had nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award (VBA) – which I had previously never heard of.


After a bit of happy-flailing and some manic clicking, I found out what the VBA is.  As I understand it, the VBA is a peer awarded achievement for blogs that people love/like/think are pretty good/aren’t awful, that are awarded in a sort of chain of bloggers.


So firstly a BIG shout out of THANKS to Louise for thinking of me!


Next, I’m meant to nominate 15 blogs that I think are great for the award. The problem with that is that, truthfully, I don’t really read that many bogs. So instead of scraping the bottom of the barrel, I’m simply going to  nominate the blogs that I read frequently, and genuinely think are awesome.


So here they are, my nominations for the VBA award:

Bucket List Publications

Halo’s Journal


lauren nicole mccaw

bluebalu: Living in Hong Kong

The Witch of Howling Creek 


Finally, seven things about me:

  1. I love cats, not much of a surprise to anyone who knows me. BUT … it isn’t limited to the cute fluffy domestic ones. The big, badass, majestic ones are awesome to, and if you leave me with a computer long enough at some point I will Google images the big stripy ones!!!
  2. My music taste is so eclectic that I am frequently asked if I’ve just stolen my dad’s iPod and put a few modern songs on it.
  3. I’m a talker, which most people don’t know. I’m really quiet until you get to know me… then you can’t shut me up.
  4. Even though I know archaeology doesn’t really happen that way, I still harbour the (not so) secret dream that one day my degree will allow me to be a Lara Croft –esque archaeologist, complete with Uzis…
  5. In a truly stereotypical Archaeology graduate manner, I really, really, really, really, really want to visit Egypt.
  6. I got a care package today from my mom back home. Apparently one of the thingsm y mom thinks I can’t live without is a Yankee Candles airfreshener… I kind of agree with her…
  7. My nan used to make me Lemon and Honey tea when I was ill, so now whenever I feel poorly it immediately makes me feel better, even if it has no medical reason to.
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